My Online Mission

On my way from a wonderful time in Northern Rwanda, the Kwita Izina Ceremony (baby gorilla naming), I had the most shocking experience. I have seen my share of horrors in my days but ghost towns on my way back to Uganda shocked me.

Ghost border town

Having lived in Uganda most of my life, from time to time, I travel back to my ancestral home Rwanda since its liberation in 1994.

Before you write it off as a fairy tale, because of all the propaganda that the border is closed, let me assure you that non-Rwandans do cross the border. All I had to do is use my Ugandan passport and the trick was done, I crossed legally.

You might say curiosity killed the cat and to be honest, I really wanted to see for myself what border towns and the country looked like since I last took the long trip. I knew that the current situation had had a negative impact on Uganda but nothing prepared me for the sight of vibrant border towns turned into ghost towns. And all of this simply because Museveni decided to support a terrorist organization.

This year, I had a terrible experience at one of my old boy’s daughter wedding, I was happily reconnecting with old friends when suddenly I was given an indecent proposal to join RNC (Rwanda National Congress)! Carelessly and almost immediately, my childhood friends began talking to me about a subversive plot to overthrow the government of Rwanda, even those who had no ancestry in Rwanda were talking about it openly. The manner in which they talked about it, publicly and loudly, was truly scary.

One of them sensed my reluctance to speak and said, “Look don’t worry, we can talk about it freely here. Museveni supports us.” All they wanted was for me to join and they promised to reward me with a very important position.

I knew refusing such an offer would be dangerous so I asked them to let me think about it, that I will give them my answer later that night. With so many of my relatives locked up in various safe houses, I knew refusing carried a risk of instant arrest so I played them for time.

They were desperate to recruit me, they kept calling me even after I took the courage to turn them down. I could not betray my ancestral land. Refusal to join RNC is the main cause for innocent Rwandans, including some of my relatives, to be illegally detained in secret detention facilities. The lucky few that are dumped at the border narrated extreme torture, forced labor, and even death.

I thank the leadership of my ancestral land for the strong advisory it issued to its citizen no to travel to Uganda. It is not safe for Rwandans, even for us who lived in Uganda for almost all our lives. It is a revolting situation for me, I could not just do nothing as they persecute Rwandans for no reason.

So I began protesting online, on Twitter, and discovered so much fake news and propaganda. I was determined; I responded, rebutted and called for my people to be released. For protesting, all I got were death threats and warnings that I was next to be subjected to cruel torture. A CMI agent went as far as posting a “Maxon Lukyamuzi wanted” poster.

One thing for certain is that I will never join the RNC. It’s a terrorist organization.

As I reach Kampala back from the Kwita Izina in Rwanda, one disgruntled RNC member needs my help. He deserted them in Congo as their forces took a serious beating now he wants to go back to Rwanda but is afraid that his mistake, treason, is unforgivable.

I will remind him how Rwanda is merciful, even FDLR that committed genocide and subscribed to genocide ideology are forgiven provided they truly change. Hopefully, I’ll will help him transition back to patriotism. To do this, I will let him know who and what RNC is. I hope my in-depth knowledge of the RNC structure will shade enlighten him. I grew up with most of them.

I will also share it with you all, I will do it! I am going to tell you exactly who are these RNC rebels. Their names and surnames, previous and current functions and what made them run. You will also find out who is sleeping with who, who is related to who and in the end, you will understand why I could never join them.

Eventually, I know they might kidnap me and kill me or worse, send to a torture center, but before that happens, I will publish everything I know on them. I hope CMI, ISO and RNC do not catch me before the implementation of the Luanda MoU.

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