An Introduction to the RNC Terrorist Group

To understand RNC and who its members are, one has to grasp the nepotistic nature of the terrorist organization. From the time of its establishment to date, RNC is struggling to exist based on individuals who have had differences with the Rwandan Government. They then recruited their relatives who then become their emissaries in the region or beyond. This is how Kayumba recruited one Frank Ntwali aka KADIDI and his dead partner Karegeya recruited David Batenga.

Kadidi is a brother in-law to Kayumba (being a brother to Rosette Tumusiime Kayumba) while Batenga is a nephew to Karegeya. These people are linked directly or are relatives of their wives and the organization also is made up of their former drivers and escorts, like one Jean Paul Ndayishimiye – permanent commissioner for research based in Boston, USA. The terrorist organization is small click revolving around idol worshiping of Kayumba and Karegeya’s ghost.

Kayumba Nyamwasa is the 1st Vice Coordinator-General, while the movement is headed by a window dressing Coordinator-General known as Jerome Nayigiziki. Inside sources in the RNC have intimated to me that everyone knows that Kayumba is the real leader of the click (as indicated in previous UNGoE reports) that blindly follows and worships him around. In efforts to broaden their membership however, they tried to fish for their window dresser in a little known political party PDR-Ihumure who was its secretary general.

Jerome Nayigiziki

RNC’s Coordinator-General was born in 1951 and has a very thin CV, Kayumba Nyamwasa most probably choose him to serve as the civilian face of the armed terrorist movement. After his grenade-throwing enterprise with Patrick Karegeya, he realized that there was a need to sanitize their RNC to create the illusion that it is a non-violent opposition group.

To review this band of terrorists, I will be exposing one by one both the civilian face and military masqueraders of this organization. This will give you an insight that, the organization is not founded on a coherent ideology but rather on personal reasons known to each member or individual.

Jerome Nayigiziki was recruited into RNC for having demonstrated his unrivaled hate and criticism against the Rwandan government well before Kayumba fled to South Africa. A former nurse and a specialist in Anesthesiology in Texas, USA, he and his wife had two business companies recalled Ziga LLC and Ziki Inc which were closed in 2007 and 2010 respectively. In 2008 when he was elected the SG of PRD – Ihumure, he wrote a letter to former US president GW Bush alleging that Rwandan leaders are criminals.

The 68 years old Kayumba’s window dresser, participated in Highly Inclusive Inter – Rwandan Dialogue (HIRD) platform in Barcelona and was responsible for mobilization of finances in European Union. He also led a coalition of PDR – Ihumure in 2012, and later defected to RNC in May 2014 and was immediately elected RNC 1st Vice Coordinator that time. He became RNC general coordinator in September 2019.

The general coordinator has no historical connection with his deputy – the real power behind RNC and nearly all party members see him as a “patch” on RNC dress whose personal hatred against Rwanda Kayumba exploits very well.

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