Museveni’s vindictiveness, repeated losses and embarrassment

Museveni is a vindictive man. But this vindictiveness drives him into repeated defeats. Kisangani I, II, and III, are good examples. Museveni’s anger is also captured by what he once told the late Julius Nyerere. When Mwalimu Julius Nyerere asked him why he was against the “Young RPF leadership”, Museveni’s response was, “They don’t listen to me” ( Read NewTimes for more details )

For not listening to him, Museveni has sought to destabilize Rwanda in all possible ways. He has attempted economic sabotage, supporting militias that want to fight Rwanda, persecuting Rwandans in Uganda, financing smear and hate campaigns. Museveni’s rage has even led him to bed with Genocidaires.

The repeated mistakes bring more fury. The fury brews with every failed attempts, and unfortunately for him, it has been failure after failure.

Although Museveni does not care how many of his sponsored militia die or end up captured, the list of such blunders has steadily increased. Of particular interest, is the pain anti-Rwandan militias based in the DRC have been causing him. His open support for RNC and FDLR has so far yielded nothing, it has rendered the 75 year old passive aggressive.

Two days ago, more bad news from these militia groups sufarced. FDLR, a genodicaire movement, lost its military wing (FOCA) Commander Sylvester Mudacumura. He was killed with his entourage of self-proclaimed “Colonels” and “Majors”. This is the exact type of news that has been fanning Museveni’s anger. In Mudacumura’s death, Museveni has lost an ally in their shared hatred for Rwanda. Mudacumura last year sent to Uganda his Spokesperson and Chief intelligence for a coordination meeting with RNC in their grand plan to destabilize Rwanda. One their way back to Mudacumura, disaster hit the genocidal envoys to Kampala; they were arrested in DRC Congo and extradited to Rwanda. This exposed Museveni and made him even more furious.

This type of irritating news for Museveni began as far back as in 2005. The FDLR leader Ignace Murwanashyaka was issued a Ugandan passport to facilitate his movement in his anti-Rwanda activities. He was caught with his Uganda passport in Germany. As if that was not embarrassing enough for Museveni, in April 2019, Murwanashyaka died in a German prison – as a Ugandan citizen!

This happened about the same time as Museveni was caught red-handed with different RNC leaders. In a public letter to his counterpart the President of Rwanda, he wrote the most unbelievable story that he “accidentally” met with Charlotte Mukankusi, the RNC Commissioner for International Relations. Museveni claimed that he had no idea who she was! Imagine a guest at state house that is not known to the host! The Ugandan President was further embarrassed when pictures of her Ugandan passport went online, somehow the accidental meeting had landed her a passport.

At 75, someone really ought to spare Museveni embarrassment! But RNC was not done embarrassing Museveni.

June 2019, top commanders of the RNC were killed in their Eastern Congo and several other fighters were reportedly captured. A notorious “Captain” Sibomana aka Sibo was killed and one “Major” Habib Madathiru captured. These were the two top commanders of the terrorist RNC outfit that bases in East Congo. One of them, Sibo, had been reported as ‘kidnapped’ by Rwandan desidents and pro- Museveni media in 2012!

God knows what secret “Major” Habib holds and is currently narrating!

Callixte Nsaminana of MRCD-FLN, who had claimed responsibility for an attack on civilians around the Nyungwe forest was arrested and extradited to Rwanda. He shocked the world with his guilty plea, his apology and his subsequent confession that he was in touch with Uganda’s Military Intelligence (CMI).

For every defeat and failure detailed above, Museveni and his entourage, is reminded that the Rwanda destabilization project is quickly turning out to be an impossible task. What began as a revenge program with the fugitive Kayumba Nyamwasa and Patrick Karegeya turned into a bitter streak of embarrassing events for Museveni.

In creating RNC, Museveni helped its leaders escape Rwanda and then forged alliances with FDLR. Their plan to establish bases in East Congo as launching pad to Rwanda has been disrupted. One question remains, how many more failures can the Ugandan leader really digest before throwing in the towel? With his advanced age, Museveni would rather look after his cows and Bazukulu (his patronizing term for Ugandans). Otherwise the anger and pain generated by loss of his key allies in destabilizing Rwanda will likely accelerate his agaging!

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