Museveni, Kagingo, lowly Atwine linked by a single purpose of smearing Rwanda

Yoweri Kaguta Museveni set up an entire industry for the sole purpose of online misinformation with blogs sponsored via one of his security agencies. There are over 30 blogs masquerading as genuine news outlet when in fact they are directly sponsored and directed by Uganda’s security agencies. The Chieftaincy of Military intelligence (CMI) and the Internal Security Organization (ISO) control 13 such outlets. CMI, also tasked with providing support to the Rwandan National Congress (RNC), sponsors CommandPost in its role as the relay for RNC propaganda.

CommandPost is a particularly interesting outlet in the Museveni Misinformation Industry as it barely attempts to conceal its RNC colors, always synchronizing smear attacks with RNC media outlets. Whenever RNC on Facebook, via their RPFGakwerere page, launches a rumor CommandPost automatically provides a relay and vice versa.

In fact, they are so intertwined that CommandPost pinned on the 17th of May 2019 on its Twitter timeline a promise – never kept – to interview Robert Patrick FatiGakwerere.

CommandPost is managed by Bob Atwine on behalf of CMI. It is funded by CMI through Sarah Kagingo. Sources say that the money for the tens of blogs is given to Sarah Kagingo, who then distributes it to those blogs, including her own, Softpower.

Their editorial line is simple: attack Rwanda and support RNC. CommandPost focuses on CMI and RNC affairs, which is how it finds itself publishing about Eastern DR Congo, a very important geographical issue for CMI and RNC in their agenda to destabilize Rwanda.

Bob Atwine is tasked with creating false information and fictitious narratives of war in Eastern Congo, pitting this group against another as long as the narratives are in favor of the RNC. He will even report on an imaginary war that no one else, not even the Congolese media, says there’s a war going on. He doesn’t care for the truth because he must publish something to get Kagingo and CMI to pay.

According to the December 31, 2018 UN Group of Experts Report, the RNC along with other terrorist militias operate in Eastern Congo with the support of CMI. The support in question is clear because at one time CMI was caught red-handed sending RNC recruits to Congo via Burundi. The recruits were intercepted at the Kikagati border with Tanzania with fake travel documents. They could not explain to immigration officers where they were going and to do what. When they were caught Sarah Kagingo wrote that they were religious pilgrims!!!

As RNC, FDLR and other Museveni-sponsored terrorist organizations operating in Congo create chaos and desolation in Eastern Congo, and in the Banyamulenge community in particular, CommandPost fills the web with false propaganda, pretending to have the interests of the Banyamulenge at heart.

Museveni, through Atwine, wants to be the spokesperson of the Banyamulenge while at the same time sponsoring their massacre. Atwine isn’t even embarrassing to try to conceal Museveni’s crimes. The blood money he gets from Kagingo and CMI can’t justify this vampire lifestyle.

The viciousness, smear and slander that CommandPost publishes to blame Rwanda for Museveni’s crimes is appalling.

Imagine a story CommandPost recently ran that Rwanda’s Minster of Foreign Affairs was poisoned. Amazingly, the equally confused Uganda government spokesman, Ofwono Opondo the legendary underwear thief, retweeted this vicious and uncouth rumour. 

Rwanda and Uganda recently signed an MOU in Luanda to try to normalize relations and a few weeks ago a joint commission on the implementation met in Kigali. In the commission, both parties agreed to stop hostile attacks in media and on social media. However, CMI continues to bankroll Bob Atinwe’s

CommandPost in violation of the Luanda MoU. CommandPost and the tens of CMI propaganda operations have continued to hurl insults towards Rwanda on a daily basis. The propaganda wheel keels turning: Museveni gives money to CMI, which gives it to Sarah Kagingo, she distributes to Bob Atwine. Museveni and lowly Atwine are linked by a single purpose: to smear Rwanda.

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