Museveni and Kayumba face angry RNC faction as Ben Rutabana is reported missing in Kampala

For almost 10 years now, president Museveni has been relying on false intelligence to harm Rwanda by recruiting Rwandans criminals to bolster these plans. In addition to gathering all those Rwandan criminals and rejects, he recently brought on board a UN designated terrorist organization: the FDLR genocidaires.

Museveni’s efforts, however, have always resulted in failure after failure, embarrassment after embarrassment and drama after drama. Museveni has not only been proven guilty of hosting RNC and FDLR officials but some of their members who were captured and extradiated to Rwanda have testified how he uses his security agencies, notably the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) to organize all those opposed to Rwanda. The FDLR and RNC rebels who were arraigned in Rwandan courts have made chilling revelations regarding Museveni’s support.

In addition to the internal political and security challenges facing his 34 years of misrule and his standoff with Rwanda, Museveni is now facing self – inflicted problems, which could effectively derail his own government.

Museveni (Left), Rutabana (Center) and Brig-Gen. Kandiho CMI Chief (Right)

According to a letter by the family and friends of Mr. Rutabana, the RNC commissioner for capacity development, Rutabana went for a mission in Kampla on 4th September 2019 and was supposed to go back to Brussels on 20th September but has been out of communication since then, something they say is very unusual.

President Museveni is now caught between RNC factions; one led by Kayumba Nyamwasa, his personal friend, and another one opposed to Nyamwasa. Kayumba’s greed and treacherous behaviour are reported to be among the causes of the long-time bickering and eventual split of this terrorist organization.

Rutabana is said to have told his wife that he had serious conflicts with Kayumba Nyamwasa and his brother in – law, Frank Ntwari, who was ushered in Kampala by the time Rutabana reached there.

The concerns and alarm raised in the letter by this faction of RNC members are justified because coordination of all movements and activities of all RNC officials in and outside Uganda is done by CMI under the directive of Museveni.

Given the fact that CMI arranged the mission and travel of RNC rivals – Rutabana and Ntwari – to Uganda at the same time and the latter is missing, Museveni faces unprecedented and serious questions that need answers to satisfy Rutabana’s family.

CMI has a reputation of orchestrating forced disappearances. With an arsenal of secret detention facilities at its disposal, Rutabana will never be found unless Museveni directs CMI to release him. It is unprecedented, RNC members will have to petition their ‘Godfather’ who will be forced to make a hard choice. Release Ben Rutabana and keep some RNC leftovers or support his family friend and lose RNC leftovers.

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