Have Kayumba and Museveni decided to make Ben Rutabana’s wife a widow and his children orphans?

One of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s traits is nepotism and it is a trait he shares with president Museveni. The terrorist leader of RNC and the Ugandan leader have been employing this trait in their schemes whether in leadership, business, or in other undertakings. Nepotistic practices are their trademark.

Many examples illustrate this. For Kayumba Nyamwasa, one barely needs to look further than his all-powerful brother-in-law in RNC circles, one Frank Ntwali aka Kadidi, brother to Rosette Tumusiimwe Kayumba. Frank Ntwali’s unchecked influence in the RNC is such that that he literally caused a breakup of the terrorist outfit into two splinter groups.

The RNC faction which does not agree with Kayumba is now accusing Ntwali of being responsible for the disappearance of Ben Rutabana in Kampala, an allegation that will be hard to deny or accept given the fact that neither Kayumba nor Ntwali will expose one another.

But for Rutabana’s family, the Rwandan saying that “Nta uyoberwa umwibye, ayoberwa aho amuhishe” literally translated in English as: “no one fails to know who stole from him/her but where he/she has kept the stolen property” will remain their everlasting conviction that Kayumba and Ntwali killed their son due to infighting.

Then there is Museveni. Museveni is the father and grandfather of nepotism and will become its ancestor when he dies! He calls nepotism “Muzukulu.” There are few Republics, if any, where nepotism is as blatant and comfortably displayed as in Uganda.

Museveni’s wife occupies the position of Cabinet Minister in Charge of Sport and Education. His son, the minister’s mother, Lt-Gen Kainerugaba Muhoozi (General since he was 40) was for many years the head of the Special Force Command, the force that protects the President, his father.

Muhoozi is now the Senior Presidential Adviser for Special Operations. Muhozi’s father-in-law, Sam Kuteesa, is Uganda’s Foreign Affairs Minister. The list of nepotistic appointments is too long, with all brothers and sisters, in-laws and friends given key positions. Most people know that many of the young ministers and heads of other agencies are Museveni’s sons.

Gen. Salim Saleh, the president’s Somali half-brother is an icon of corruption and nepotism. He is in charge of a “wealth creation” scheme that is in fact a scam of epic proportions. Currently doubling as the President’s adviser on military matters, Saleh has in the past been the Army commander and Minister of State for Microfinance. In both cases, he was sacked for corruption! Now, he is given even more money to create wealth and employment! In other words, to steal.

Frank Ntwali and his brother-in-law boss, Kayumba Nyamwasa, are well connected to Gen. Salim Saleh whom they have introduced to a terrorism sponsor and business partner, Tribert Rujugiro.

Ntwali is also close to two other step brothers of Museveni: Shadrack Nzeire (who masquerades as an MP) and Geoffrey Ayine a.k.a “Sodo” with whom they share a passion for cows. With this connection, Ntwali is really at home in Uganda; he keeps his cows in Lyantonde.

When he arrives at Entebbe airport, he is usually received and escorted by the Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) which also provides him with 24 hour protection, even when he goes upcountry to visit his farms.

When Ben Rutabana traveled to Uganda to denounce RNC nepotism in Uganda, he sealed his own fate. He probably did not grasp that nepotism and corruption in RNC are modeled after the Museveni model. All that Kayumba had to do was to dispatch Ntwali from South Africa to intercept Rutabana. Rutabana, assuming he is still alive, will never be seen or heard from, because criminal nepotism protects criminal nepotism.

This is unfortunate for Diane Rutabana, the wife of the missing Ben Rutabana who never fully comprehended the nepotistic and criminal nature of Kayumba Nyamwasa’s alliance with Museveni. Her husband’s misplaced anger against Rwanda had him join such an unprincipled alliance. Yes, nature will take its course and sort out Kayumba and Museveni, but what about the widow and her orphans who must now grow as victims of Kayumba and Museveni’s nepotistic tendencies?

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