Uganda’s first son doing stunts to sedate Ugandans into accepting him as presidential material

In less than a week, President Museveni’s first son, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kaineruga, has been chest thumping on twitter, sending messages which in established protocol are the prerogative of the Head of State. In one tweet he said ” Uganda strong! I never used to believe it but Almighty God has made me a believer. Nobody can defeat Uganda! This is God’s country. Whoever dares will be crushed to dust!” In another, he said, “I can assure whoever even thinks of messing with Uganda will get a very bad day!”

This follows a period of whispers in Uganda’s corridors of power that Museveni and his adopted Bahima clan have been holding meetings to discuss succession plan like no other in the region and Africa as a whole. One Joseph Kabuleta was abducted and imprisoned in an unknown location when he, in July this year, said “It is nice to see that Muhoozi’s bevy of well – paid promoters are finally earning their dimes. They must be on a mega payroll to believe that someone as dull and lifeless as him can be president. Museveni would have to put us all to sleep before that happens!”

The long term plan will apparently be implemented through what is known as the “Bahima Century Dynasty (BCD).” The quiet debates about this grand scheme have always centered on when and how to execute this, plan given the internal political environment and general malaise against Museveni across Uganda’s political and social divide. Museveni, at 75, considers himself a young man who has the energy to rule Uganda for many more years and 2026 might be a defining moment in this country’s history when the first son is believed to be ready to take over from his father, according to many who work on the Muhoozi project.

According to political observers, Gen Muhozi’s ascendency to power through democratic processes is unlikely to happen due to the fierce opposition of nearly all Ugandans who are against intra-family succession. However, to make the Muhozi presidency possible, inside sources say, a Zimbabwe-like scenario, where president RG Mugabe (RIP) was softly swept aside and replaced by current president Emmerson Mnangangwa, is in the offing. This, however, will require Uganda to have a perceived enemy, which will necessitate the country to have a military ruler as president, according Muhozi project strategists. That is how “project scapegoat Rwanda” was born, out of necessity for the father-son succession.

According to observers who have followed up the conflict between Rwanda and Uganda, Museveni has nothing to ask or accuse Rwanda. Indeed, he is busy but has been trying gathering all Rwandan dissidents around three main objectives. Firstly, to try to overthrow President Paul Kagame: second, if overthrowing him does not work to at least destabilize the country. Lastly, to create prolonged tension in Uganda to enable him crush the opposition and steal votes in the 2021 general elections before handing over to his son come 2026 amidst a totally broken opposition that is incapable of resisting such handover.

In all Museveni’s efforts to achieve these objectives, he appears to be succeeding only on the last one – creating tension in the country.

Museveni’s efforts to destabilize the Rwandan leadership has only brought him embarrassment. It is making him a laughing stock regionally and internationally.

Rwanda has since the beginning of the year received dozens of repatriated members of different armed groups and captured rebels who include members of FDLR, RNC/P5 and RUD – Urunana. The majority were recruited in Uganda by Museveni’s intelligence services; others (FDLR members) were captured on their way from coordination meetings in Kampala.

The recent incident involving RUD – Urunana elements who attacked and killed innocent civilians in Musanze also produced revelations from the captives that they were recruited in Uganda. These incidents continue to paint a picture of an embarrassed and exposed Museveni.

With all Uganda’s Kabuletas intimidated and neutered into silence and unable to criticize Gen Muhoozi, to raise questions about his credentials to become Uganda’s future president, now Museveni appears determined to implement “project scapegoat Rwanda.”

As part of his mentorship program, the father advised his son to send out war – mongering tweets to signal to Ugandans that he is Commander in Chief in waiting. Simultaneously, the tweets also fit into the “project scapegoat Rwanda” in as far as they divert public attention from his father’s inept leadership and regional and international embarrassment. The lifeless and dull first son is doing PR stunts while relieving pressure from his father! Will these stunts be enough for Ugandans to accept him or will they see through them?

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