Museveni’s trolls tweeting against Rwandair shows how desperate they, like their boss, are!

Recently, due to bad weather, Rwandair redirected a flight to Entebbe. Immediately, the anti-Rwanda lobby comprised of RNC and Museveni minions launched a smear campaign against Rwanda. Their narrative was that ‘Mother Nature’ had humbled Rwanda into seeking Ugandan help.

This follows a tweet from Rwandair informing their customers that “Due to poor visibility at Kigali International Airport, some of our flights were diverted to Entebbe International Airport. As a result, a number of flights will be delayed this morning. We apologize for all inconveniences caused.” This tweet was sent out last week, October, 15. One wonders how myopic Museveni trolls find this tweet a desperate Rwanda plea for Uganda’s help – this is a normal practice in the aviation industry!

The only problem is that, for 34 years under Museveni rule, Uganda has not been having air transport in order to witness how “Mother nature” works against aircraft movement! Your TUKU TUKU will not be spared!

The disinformation campaign was a deliberate attempt to mislead, by linking the flight redirection to the current travel advisory to Rwandans against trips to Uganda for safety concerns. They repeated the common distortion that the Rwanda-Uganda border is closed, when in fact two of Rwanda’s three borders with Uganda are open. They were also distorting facts about the reasons Rwandans do not travel to Uganda, which as everyone knows is the result of a sustained persecution against them.
I hope they know that Rwandair does not land at Entebbe International airport for free; it makes payments in dollars, which Uganda’s collapsing economy badly needs.

Museveni’s self-inflicted economic woes are biting hard across many sectors. These include manufacturing, agriculture, hospitality, and the informal sector. According to world politics review of October 17, 2019, the Uganda-based Southern and Eastern Trade and Negotiations Institute, or SEATINI, has logged more than 6,000 complaints from border traders, most of them women, against Museveni.

This, according to inside sources, has annoyed Museveni who has been tight-lipped on the causes of the conflict between these two countries, unlike his Rwandan counterpart who has been categorically clear on how Museveni is responsible for all these troubles.

President Museveni’s hostile policy towards Rwanda, and his determination to sabotage his neighbor both politically and economically, is backfiring. With all rebel groups he is sponsoring against Rwanda in disarray in the region and beyond, and internal political pressure mounting everyday as we move closer to 2021 general elections, Museveni appears very ready to extend his rule by creating enemies.

His trolls are desperate, as a result. So, they jumped on Rwandair tweet! Someone should tell them to read the Convention on International Civil Aviation at Chicago, December 7, 1944. Article 25 of this convention states that “Each contracting State undertakes to provide such measures of assistance to aircraft in distress in its territory as it may find practicable and to permit subject to control by its own authorities, the owners of the aircraft or authorities of the state in which the aircraft is registered to provide such measures of assistance as may be necessitated by the circumstances.”

So, since Uganda is also a signatory to this convention, her TUKU TUKU will be safe when “Mother Nature” strikes! No need for trolling Rwanda on social media.

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