Your Rants Against Rwanda Are Not Justified  

Dear Ms. Boonabana,

For years I have lived and worked in Uganda, I have never seen an evil leader like your president – Museveni. But since this post is only meant to respond to your “paid rants” against the leadership of our (you, me, Museveni and many other Ugandans of Rwandan origin) ancestral land, I will ignore the evil part of Museveni for the time being.

Prossy, the people of your adopted country, Uganda, have no problem with our ancestral land – Rwanda. The problem has been and will always be people like you who are paid by a failed regime to tarnish our dear Rwanda and its exemplary leadership. I was however very happy that, in your post of November 3, you did not deny your links to RNC, FDLR and RUD as you did in October 26, when you attacked one Peter Mahirwe in a vitriolic manner.

In your recent post, you touched on a number of issues like “Rwandan small economy” – but you deliberately refused to say that in the first three months of Gatuna border disruptions, Uganda lost more than $664 million (Shs2.5 trillion) worth of exports to Rwanda while Kigali lost $104 million (Shs385b), according to Uganda’s East African Community ministry. Because it is the ordinary people and the business community who feel the pinch of this loss, due to Museveni miscalculations, a member of RNC and employee of CMI like you will never mention anything like this. As the saying goes in Kinyarwanda,”Nta utwika inzu ngo ahishe umwotsi!” (literally meaning, you cannot set fire on a house and you hide the frame!). I hope in your next trip (aimed at recruiting for RNC and selling SWI cards and T-shirts to get money), you will visit south western Uganda towns bordering Rwanda to see the the debilitating effect of Museveni’s bad policies towards our southern neighbor – Rwanda.(Today’s daily monitor )

I will not want to dwell much on what you say about RPF, Tutsi Banyamulenge and how your husband was a longtime RPF loyalist. This is because it would require me to compare our NRM here with RPF and how Rwanda in the recent known history is always accused of trying protect Tutsi Congolese. Of course, they are not protected by CMI, or by the former “RPF loyalist” turned RNC operative, Rwema Gendarme, who it sent on a mission to Minembwe, South Kivu, DRC. I have clearly mentioned the latter in my previous post and would be willing to comment on the former if need be.(my previous Maxon blog post)

Dear Prossy, you always complain that Kigali paid propagandists call you names but unfortunately they don’t seem to know much about you, although we all have relatives there. If I were them, I would describe you as a “Daring prostitute who sacrificed her husband to the RNC/FDLR terrorism cause for money and who is being “run” by two men- Col CK Asiimwe, Deputy director for counter terror at CMI, and the irresponsible Sulah Nuwamanya, the SG of your RNC executive committee. I will however not include one Dr. Gideon Rukundo Rugari, your deputy coordinator, for obvious reasons: he currently has more than he can handle – hence the reason why he got broke.(Ready More)

As a fellow Ugandan/Rwandan who knows much more than you do about the individuals and the systems in this country, I just want to give you information and advice: Col CK Asimwe has many wives and Sulah Nuwamanya abandoned his wife and four children in Rwanda; you cannot survive long by engaging in prostitution with these two sexual predators while mixing it with what you vaguely call activism!(For more info)

Finally, I have been meditating on whether to write you a simple personal letter through your official address – Pox Box 26939, Kampala but found it inappropriate since your rants are always on social media or blogs. And as for your husband, please ask RNC and FDLR; Frank Ntwali Kadidi can help you ( I hope you don’t deny that you talk to him during your meetings. Otherwise you will force me to prove you wrong in my next post) and Minister Philemon Mateke, the official Museveni’s FDLR contact person designate. Rwanda has nothing to do with your gullible husband – CMI can attest to this if they so wanted.

Thank you, and have a nice week.

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