Will CMI obtain a demonstration clearance for RNC members?

Uganda’s Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) is reportedly working around the clock to organize and obtain a demonstration clearance for members of the Rwanda National Congress against Rwanda at the Rwanda High Commission in Kampala, Uganda.

The demonstration will be led by Prossy Boonabana alias “Boona,” the RNC’s executive committee coordinator in Uganda. Impeccable sources within this committee have confirmed to me that indeed anti-Rwanda demonstrations are being planned.

This event appears to be a desperate move by the terrorist organization following a series of military defeats in Minembwe, South Kivu, DRC. Moreover, it’s political wing is in disarray following the alleged disappearance of Ben Rutabana, who is the terror organization’s head of capacity development. Rutabana’s family is convinced that disagreements between Rutabana and Frank Ntwali must have led Kayumba Nyamwasa to connive with Ntwali, his brother in law, and cause Rutabana’s demise in Uganda. The organization is yet to recover from the chaos that resulted from Rutabana’s fate.

It’s diehards that masquerade as a human rights activists are now staging this demonstration to try to boost morale in the collapsing terror organization. According to sources, Boona has worked closely with CMI to organise the anti-Rwanda demonstration in Kampala where they plan to hold written placards, read a prepared statements, sing three morale boosting “revolutionary” songs, read out a Biblical verse of prophecy from two kings, sing the national anthem (Rwanda’s or Uganda’s) and then disperse back to their holes. The involvement of CMI is yet another proof that RNC is very active and supported in Uganda. I hope Boona will no longer deny this.

Boona now openly works as a CMI staff reporting directly to Col. CK Asiimwe, the all-powerful number two of the agency and her part-time husband. Police is expected to issue clearance that allows these RNC clowns to demonstrate at the Rwanda High Commission in Kampala. Unlike Makarere University students, the political opposition and even those who simply want to hold a concert, it remains to be seen if RNC enjoys the right to assemble and demonstrate in Uganda.

This is a developing story. Stay tuned!

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