Boonabana dreams of becoming Uganda’s president to close Rwandan Embassy in Kampala

In her usual weekly and sometimes biweekly rants against Rwanda, Prossy Boonabana, the Executive Director of “Self Worth Initiative” (SWI) an RNC NGO based in Kampala, Uganda, has stated a far-fetched desire to become Uganda’s President. “If it was up to me, the Rwandan Embassy would have been closed in Uganda,” she said in her hostile propaganda piece of November 16th 2019 on GreatLakes post, an RNC/P5 propaganda blog.

As a trusted CMI employee with Rwandan roots, Prossy Bonabaana was recently tasked to create an NGO, under the guise of a humanitarian cause, to further RNC hostile plans against Rwanda. The NGO is very active; it aggressively mobilizes and recruits Rwandans living in Uganda into RNC. RNC has a new Executive Committee (RNC Executive Committee of Uganda Province) in which Prossy and Sulah are the missing prominent names. This will be a story for another day. (Read my previous letter to Boonabana)

It is important to note that this paid enemy of her ancestral country gets more enraged as she gets stripped naked and exposed. Dear Prossy, as promised, I will always expose you more every time you try to masquerade as a benevolent person while slamming our (you and me) country of origin and its leadership.

On November 26, Bonabaana posted on RpfGakwerere blog a venomous message against all those she hates because she believes they talk positively of the Rwanda government and its leadership. RpfGakwerere blog is run by Uganda’s security services on “orders from above.”

Boonabana’s wishes of closing the Rwandan Embassy in Kampala cannot be realized in her present capacity as the executive director of the “SWI.” Neither will she achieve it when working with Sulah Nuwamanya, Dr. Gideon Rukundo Rugari, Gahongayire Emerthe, Emmanuel Mutarambirwa and Semanda Khuzaimah Ganyana as shareholders of SWI, according to its articles of association.

She can only achieve it if, miraculously, she is elected as president of Uganda. Prossy, whereas it is very possible for all Ugandans to become president regardless of their origins, your desires remain hopeless like the English saying that, “If all wishes were horses, beggars would ride!”

Prossy unless your boyfriends, the polygamous Col CK Asiimwe and deadbeat father Nuwamanya Sulah perform sacred miracles to get Ugandans or Ugandans of Rwanda origin to vote you into State House, your dream of closing the embassy of your ancestral country remains just that; a pipe-dream.

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