Uganda becomes a province of a foreign entity – record!

In one of the most unprecedented developments in the history of our country, a foreign organization has designated Uganda as one of its provinces. This situation is likely to worry even the president Museveni’s most loyal and unflinching NRM loyalists and cadres.

The organization is none other than the Rwanda National Congress (RNC), which our southern neighbor, Rwanda, always accuses of terrorism and planning to topple its government. One of my Twitter followers who is always worried about the path our country is taking asked me in my inbox, “Maxon, how can that situation be allowed to happen without approval and orders from above?” Many Ugandans may give different answers and I beg them to reserve mine for the time being.

The RNC organized a meeting between 12 – 13 November and elected to its executive committee new members based here in Uganda whose appointments include coordinator, vice coordinator, 2nd vice coordinator, secretary general, treasurer, commissioners in charge of mobilization, communication and media, and diplomacy amongst many other key positions.

Many Ugandans of Rwandan origin who have been approached by this organization in its aggressive mobilization and recruitment drive agree that such actions, such as declaring Uganda its province and setting up an organization committee, do not only pose serious security threats but also undermine our country’s geo-strategic interests.

On November 18 when president Museveni was launching the consultation process on the constitution of the East African Community political confederation only five days had passed after the RNC had elected its 15-member executive committee for “Uganda province!” In his speech, the president said “whereas prosperity can be achieved through economic integration, strategic security is difficult to achieve when we stay as separate countries. A political confederation gives us a strong centre of gravity.” This he said in the presence of government officials and diplomatic corps whose dean is our southern neighbor ambassador, Gen Frank Mugambage of Rwanda. Museveni’s Official Tweet

After watching the launch I had a chat with a friend of mine. He (my friend) has of recent disagreed with me on what he calls “being overly critical” of president Museveni. But I like to engage him because he is privy (because of his position) to how our security services have been working to undermine Rwanda. He usually has an answer for everything but I was surprised when I asked him what I thought was a simple question but he did not have an answer.

How would Museveni answer if Gen Mugambage asked him how the consultation process will help solve the Uganda-Rwanda crisis or how its self-declared first president expects to achieve political unity when he is busy plotting against a neighbor and fellow member state, what would Museveni answer, I asked.

My friend’s response was classic stonewalling, “you know in diplomacy, protocol cannot allow such questions to be asked,” he quipped!” But I had made my point. He knew it, too. I was sure that no one in Uganda can defend the fact that the RNC has turned Uganda into its own province.

If my friend, a die hard Museveni insider, can fail to defend his boss then its over for Museveni. And for the RNC, of course.

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