After eleven months of aggressive advertisement, there has been a surge in number of Rwandan refugees, Kampala says

The relationship between our country and Rwanda appear to be taking a dramatic twist. Rwanda has for two years been accusing Uganda and presenting evidence of how President Museveni has been working with armed groups bent on destabilizing the southern neighbor. But our leader has been tightlipped, although with occasional denials and confessions of accidental meeting with these groups at one time.

The RNC’s recent establishment of its Uganda province executive committee and its subsequent leakage into Kigali media has rattled Kampala, my source within the committee has confirmed to me. The publication of the committee members and their appointments triggered panic at State House, which ordered Ofwono Opondo, the government Spokesperson, to issue a statement that does not fall short of diplomatic protocol standards. Most importantly, the statement undermines the Angola MoU, which our citizens thought was going to help end the border closure by Rwanda.

In what appears to be a direct push back and chest-thumping by Uganda, today November 26, Softpower, an online publication reportedly run by CMI, published an article titled “Number of Rwandan nationals fleeing to Uganda surges amid tension.” This follows eleven months of advertisement and other forms of active encouragement of Rwandans to flee to Uganda, if one is to go by the signposts with UNHCR logo that are placed at our borders with Rwanda. “Welcome to Uganda. If you’re an asylum seeker, report immediately to immigration office, the Office of the Prime Minister, or UNHCR; services are free, no fee is required and no need to bribe officials”, the signposts say in part.

While under Museveni Uganda remains one of the most corrupt countries on the planet, only Rwandans fleeing their country were exempted from paying any bribe. This, according to an inside source, was meant to attract many Rwandans who Museveni needs for his agenda to pressure and destabilize Rwanda. But “given that there are more than one million Ugandans of Rwandan origin, plus a few hundred which Museveni took hostage despite UNHCR’s cessation close on Rwandan refugees, how many more Rwandans does the president need to destabilize our southern neighbor?” a colleague asked.

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