Will Museveni have moral high-ground to be anti corruption chief walker?

During his 33-year rule, President Museveni has presided over the worst corrupt administration in our country’s history since independence. But something came in my mind when on November 23, one Aaron Kaviiri Atenyeni tweeted “… H.E @KagutaMuseveni as the chief walker of the Anti Corruption walk that is scheduled to place on 04th Dec, 219 starting from the constitutional square in the city centre Kololo grounds. #CorruptionfreeUganda, # starts with me.” Kaviiri was referring to the much publicized Anti-Corruption Walk that’s organized by the State House Anti-Corruption Unit. At the Walk, President Museveni will be joined by the speaker of parliament, prime minster and chief justice.

I asked myself if Museveni will muster the moral courage and energy to lead this walk, given the status of corruption in our country. Uganda is the 149 most corrupt country out of 175 countries worldwide, according to the 2018 Transparency International corruption perception Index.

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Our country’s ranking averaged 115.45 between 1996 and 2018; it reached a low of 43 in 1996 and has been climbing to an all-time high of 151 in 2018. These levels of corruption, of course include Museveni’s own corruption scandals, his conduct in the public (dishing out money in yellow envelopes and sacks).


As our country has become an all-time corrupt country, it has kept its all-time corrupt leader. Moreover, his corruption has gone far beyond Uganda borders and the African continent. He holds a record of being possibly the only head of state to be referred to as an “Exhibit” in a foreign court. For those who don’t know, in December 2018, a Chinese businessman, Patrick Ho Chi Ping, was convicted for corruption and money laundering in a New York Court. Museveni was designated as “Exhibit 1510” due to his involvement in that scandal. If Museveni was not a sitting head of state, he would not be traveling to the US for this case. For this reason his foreign affairs minister, Sam Kuteesa, can’t travel to the US and its allies for fear of arrest and extradition to face these charges.

“Ugandans have seen enough of corruption under Museveni’s rule, a friend of mine said rather disgustedly commenting on the planned anti-corruption walk, adding, “Museveni is now the grandfather of corruption in this country and, God for bid, all of us should not end up being his corrupt Bazuuku!”

Unfortunately some already are. But for the majority of Ugandans, if the walk could be renamed “corruption walk” it would trigger massive turn-out not to witness celebration of Museveni’s legacy. That would be a befitting them to it.

Many Ugandans have for a long time decried the state of corruption under Museveni. Currently, public debt has surged, surpassing the national budget. There is absolutely nothing that can justify surging debts: the money is siphoned by Museveni appointees and they are not punished; they go about their lives as if nothing happened.

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Museveni’s increasing cash handouts in the public and his tendency to buy MPs for “Ekisanja” or “Togikwatako” will go down in history. And when it comes to something that threatens what appears to be his well planned life presidency, Museveni will do everything in his powers to overcome it by buying his way out; that’s how over 90 Billion Uganda shillings were printed and no one has been held accountable. Maybe the public thieving is why he declared himself a “Ghetto man.”

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For these reasons, Museveni deserves a place in the “Guinness Book of Records” an NRM insider lamented. Now Museveni will shamelessly preside the anti-corruption walk as the “chief walker.” He will be protesting against the corruption he created, presided over and enforced under his 33 years rule.

Museveni should follow this up with an anti-nepotism walk!!

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