Response to Boonabana’s letter of January 13, 2020 on the release of 9 Rwandans from Uganda detention centers


Every time Prossy Boonabana writes something on Uganda – Rwanda relations, I feel incensed and obliged to react immediately due to her negative, hostile and twisted way of portraying a nation we both, as Ugandans of Rwanda, have origins to. I also feel the need to write because of the way she writes everything in the name of a human rights activist when in fact her mind is a devil’s workshop. Most people would be shocked if the devil was a human rights activist.

Secondly, I get concerned when I see the prominence that her toxic propaganda receives from media outlets here in Uganda both in blogs, mainly those created and sponsored by the security services of this country, but also by mainstream media like “bought Daily Monitor.”

Let me begin by saying that Prossy Boonabana has nothing meaningful to say on the relations between Uganda and Rwanda; she simply lacks the moral ground to stand on, as a member of Rwanda National Congress (RNC), whose support by our government has led us to a precipice with our southern neighbor.

In her previous post on the 9 Rwandans who were set free by UPDF court martial, Prossy rang alarm bells and shade crocodiles tears in what she called “miscarriage of justice” on behalf of the alleged victims who, she baselessly claims, the released people had inflicted suffering!

If Prossy was a human rights activist she would not be happy that these innocent Rwandans had been detained and tortured. On the contrary, for a period of three years this human rights masquerader, through the RNC, worked tooth and nail to have these innocent people convicted but in vain. Now she is angry that the right thing was done. Therefore, it is clear that this Bonabaana is a thorn in the Uganda –Rwanda relations and wishes to prevent the normalization course. Moreover, if the words of President Museveni on the eve of the new year are to be taken seriously then all peace-loving Ugandans would want this thorn removed- probably relocated to a third country.

Prossy the hopeless masquerader

Why would a human rights activist wish that the state prosecutes anyone when there is no clear case against them. No sane person would wish that kind of cruelty against even his or her sworn enemy. Further, these Rwandans have endured the cruelest torture without trail, their lawyers have on several occasions briefed the media about these abuses and competent courts have sided with their lawyers, only for the mighty CMI to say, “we are bigger and strong than our constitution.” Who is CMI to urinate on our courts and defecate on our constitution?

The release of innocent Rwandans was the right step in normalizing relations with Rwanda, which is important for hundreds of Ugandans who have incurred significant economic loses ever since Rwanda closed its border in protest of our country’s hostility towards its people. To condemn such a move is to condemn these Ugandans against making a living from trade. But Prossy doesn’t seem to mind as long as she earns her salary by writing an empty protest letter that neither help us Ugandans of Rwanda origin or other Ugandan citizens who trade with Rwanda.

Prossy, your efforts to try to milk negativity out of a good gesture shows how a dangerous hypocrite and ill-willed propagandist you are and have been in damaging the relationship between our two countries.

It’s unfortunate that Uganda’s security have been infiltrated people like you, Boona and other members of the you RNC, FDLR and RUD – Urunana. This is now a fact, including your membership to the Uganda Province of the RNC.

On the contrary, the narrative of Rwanda security services infiltrating those of Uganda is a hoax. It stems mainly from the history of these two countries, how our constitution recognizes some Rwandans as Ugandan citizens. Accordingly, they work in all our institutions. It is these that CMI uses as scapegoats to claim Rwandan infiltration and gives money to shameful people like you to write blogs and circulating these lies.

Second, because our leadership is openly and actively supporting your RNC other Rwandan enemies to topple the Kigali government, the tendency is for our government to believe that Rwanda must be snooping here as a result of our support to its enemies. This guilt by our government is the reason for spreading this propaganda from which you now make a living.

Doesn’t it tell you all you need to know that we are still waiting for our government to try and convict any Rwandan, even if it’s just one, and their Ugandan accomplices for the offense of espionage?

In the history of diplomacy between countries, I have never see a situation where a member of a hostile organization is given a platform to attack a neighboring country, its leadership and even embassy inside the host country! Prossy, the Rwanda embassy here in Kampala from where some of us get services was opened and runs according to diplomatic convention and laws of Uganda. But by calling it a “terrorist cell” an individual like you shows how powerful your RNC, FDLR and RUD – Urunana have become in Uganda and how much our leadership is determined to let you roam free while breaking domestic and international law. Shameful!


Boonabana, I know Rwanda will not honor you with a response to your letter. However, we all know that reciprocity is a principle in diplomacy. Our country says it wants reciprocity from Rwanda. But the problem has always been that when our leaders talk about their grievances with Rwanda, they have been confusing. Because they have withheld information on the grievances they have against Rwanda, no one knows what they want as recipeocity.

This is why they deploy media propaganda and people like you to write letters that don’t make sense at all. But you and I know that media propaganda, including your letters, will not solve problems that are unsaid: Our leaders should endeavor to state categorically what they demand from the government of Rwanda to do.

Lastly, Prossy, let me conclude by reminding you that, you have caused many of us (Ugandans of Rwandan decent who refuse to join you and your criminal network) serious problems. Your endless RNC meetings under the guise of Self-Worth Initiative that are in fact mobilizing Rwandans living in Uganda or Ugandans of Rwandan origin against our ancestral home will not go down well when it’s said and done. Bonna, you are on the wrong side of history!

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