During NRM delegates conference, Museveni says he is Uganda’s only remaining problem

By MaxonLukyamuzi

I attended the NRM delegates conference after a close friend and NRM diehard managed to put me on the attendance list, which took me a lot of lobbying (This will be a topic for another time). But to my anticipation, as was that of many others who have historical attachment to the NRM, was that our chairman, President Museveni, was going to talk about the country’s pressing issues; to our disappointment, he instead regurgitated history. We should have known better.

All Ugandans and especially our youth (not the sleepy old men and women of our party) needed to know how the next 34 years will look like, whether under the NRM or any other party that would take power after the 2021 general elections. However, the president’s speech was only aimed at showing everyone that he had become a visionary at 14 years old, long before the party was formed. In fact, the celebrations were about how the young Museveni saw Uganda of today 61 years ago. In other words, everything good or bad that is happening in our country is part of Museveni’s imagination. This was bizarre!

Aging sleepy men

Museveni made one admission that corruption is a problem in this country and although he said it is easy to stop it, he fell short on how it will be eradicated even when he gets another mandate. Most importantly, Museveni revealed that Uganda’s only remaining problem is corruption. For those who could read between the lines, he has admitted that he was Uganda’s remaining problem!

In this sense then, Museveni was right to hold a demonstration against himself as he did at the walk to Kololo.

It’s my humble opinion that when the NRM delegates go back and reflect on how the conference went, they will remind the national chairman that he had revealed to Ugandans what the problem is and that he should give way to a solution. They should want to ensure the solution comes from our party although it is not likely for as long as he admits to be the problem while holding the party hostage.

The chairman’s speech was dominated by references to rivers, their tributaries, hills and valleys as well as our country’s fertile soils. He was akin to an explorer claiming to discover the country for Ugandans. Ugandans know their country and don’t need its reciting. This was a man clearly tired and out of new ideas. No wonder he now finally sees himself as Uganda’s remaining problem.

The refusal to show Museveni the exit door is because the party is now fully made up of greedy and corrupt officials. The heckling that Secretary General Kasule Lumumba took will take her a long time to recover from. The pictures of aging sleepy men and women while the younger and energetic were only quarreling over allowances is yet another indicator of where this country is heading under the NRM.

NRM Secretary General Kasule Lumumba being heckled during her speech

But at least the problem has identified itself. That’s also progress.

Author : Maxon Lukyamuzi – UgandanRwandan

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