“Old Man of the Clan” clashes with the one with “The Hat”!

There was a strange drama when on Twitter “the Old Man of the Clan” vehemently disagreed with “the old man of the hat”!

Apparently the Old Man of the Clan (Andrew Mwenda) was very unhappy that the “Old man of the Hat”, Museveni, in his most recent Covid-19 address had “claimed boda bodas aren’t an effective means of public transport. The other reason Mwenda unleashed his Twitter tirade was that “he had not been consulted!” (“Rather than make decisions alone, the Government should consult us!”)

Of course in Uganda the government is Museveni. But who knew that the Old Man of the Hat has to consult Mwenda on such important matters? But thanks for letting the cat out of the bag Old Man! Mwenda continued raging: “Who decides this (closure of bodas), the President, or commuters?!”

As usual when the Old Man of the Clan is agitated, he becomes an expert, on absolutely anything! So Mwenda reeled off a number of reasons why “boda bodas are the most convenient and effective means of public transport!”

The “Old Man” even quoted figures on why the bodas are economically beneficial, such that one began to imagine this is one of Matia Kassaija’s technocrats! “Total revenues: Shs 13 trillion a year, (10 % of Uganda’s GDP!). Bodas employ 1.2 million youths, and provide livelihoods to 6 million Ugandans! So open boda bodas NOW” the Old Clan Man shouted on Twitter.

But here is the funny part: the Old Man of the Hat by putting a leash on boda bodas probably has interfered with one source of Mwenda’s bread. “We in the business of supporting unemployed youths own assets (boda bodas) from which they derive their livelihood!”

The Old Man of the Clan may have to be consoled from one of the “classified State House budgets” because he seems very inconsolable!

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