Whereas Prossy appeared in court yesterday, Sulah is enduring online bombardment on his facebook page

For some time now, I have covered stories about Prossy Boonabana and Sulah Nuwamanya wa Babirigi. The duo has been not only been involved in mobilizing Rwandans to join the RNC; they have registered a fake organization called Self-Worth Initiative that they use to fleece money from these unsuspecting Rwandans. The two, or should I say the couple, has also have been extorting money from Rwandans and Ugandans alike by framing anyone who refuses to give them money as agents or “spies” of Rwanda.

Sources within Kayumba Nyamwasa’s faction of the RNC intimated to me that yesterday Sulah slipped through the fingers of the police, which he did with the help of CMI; however, he was very angry because his lady, Prossy, wasn’t as lucky. She was arrested and taken to court, only to later get released. Very reliable sources have told me that the duo is bracing for tough times ahead after a string of charges in courts related to extortion and blackmail. As they fight the court cases, the RNC operations may suffer a setback.

By now you should know that pastor Deo Nyirigira’s faction of the RNC is being hunted down and clobbered by CMI goons; however, in this fist fight Nyamwasa’s top operatives – Sulah and Prossy, won’t find it easy as Pastor Nyirigira’s faction is likely to give them a bloddy nose.

With president Museveni pre-occupied with Covid-19 mismanagement, dubious “scientific elections: and mounting opposition pressure, and CMI wrestling ISO, the rogue operatives of the RNC, Sulah and Prossy, may have to figure out for themselves how to fend for themselves. It is certainly turning out to be their most difficult period ever since they arrived in this country. I don’t say all this because I lost my own relative who got lost in their hands; I say this because of the many Rwandans and Ugandans of Rwandan origin who suffered torture and harassment because of these two fools; although they are going to courts, which they denied those they abused who were held without charges, at least know some justice is coming at last.

While Prossy is mute in all this, Sulah went on social media and started blaming his perceived enemies promising that “God’s grace wll prevail.” I personally enjoyed reading those who mocked the greedy thief. Dark days lie ahead for you Sulah! Pole sana!!

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