RNC propagandist and human rights masquerader Sulah Nuwamanya vows to fight back amidst mounting criminal lawsuits

After acting as surety for his criminal girlfriend, Prossy Boonabana, thw RNC propagandist said “We will win this battle because we are fighting for our lives and lives of all those under the devil’s entanglement. Our enemies are already dead. They fight only out of hate and that is their weakness. Life must continue, we are fighting barbarians but we must remain human and avoid being distracted. Dirty blackmail or not, we must remain steadfast.”

The souls of innocent Rwandans and Ugandans of Rwandan origin who lost their lives or suffered as a result of being finger-pointed by Sulah and Prossy are now turning in their graves or wherever they are; my relative, too, was a victim of these sick monsters; we will miss them forever but at least these criminals are starting to answer! It was a matter of time. I don’t know if these criminal charges will undo the damage inflicted on the relationship between our country and Rwanda, but you, Sulah and Prossy, are clearly in panic mode. I also don’t know how long CMI will continue to protect you, Sulah and Prossy, but we Ugandans who know you, those who oppose everything you stand for are very tired.

Uganda and Ugandans in general have seen a lot in the last 34 years but little did we expect that president Museveni could host criminals like you, Sulah, and your partner in crime and love, Prossy at the detriment of blood ties and a historical and enduring relationship between Rwanda and Uganda. It’s, therefore, mere rhetoric when you say “we shall not fight like them but with our own war doctrine that is characterized by patience, bravery and courage of conviction!” The only doctrine you have with all those you work for – and with – is thievery, exhortation and blackmail. Is this how guerrillas, you call yourself, fight?

Today’s court summons at the High Court of Uganda, in Kampala is another important development for us who are sick and tired of the harm you have caused; we will get more victories. You now have two choices: either heed the summons or flee this country! President Museveni would do us a covid-19 lockdown gift by deporting you, and your girlfriend, to Rwanda to face more serious charges.

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